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As we're offering a multitude of additional culinary and catering services, we figured that you might need some kind of a calculator tool to aggregate the end price.... Be free to use our website calculator to approximate a price total for your order!

Personal Events Catering

We cater any types of events. Starting with weddings, baby showers, bachelor parties, birthdays and finishing with anniversaries...

Service Cost (per 1 hour): $150

Private Dining

If you want to take one of our incredible dining halls for a little private rent, we'll be more than happy to help you make that happen!

Service Cost (per 1 hour): $150

Personal Menu Delivery

If you're looking for a balanced, well selected menu, our tailored personal catering service will deliver it to you in no time! All of our menu items can be delivered that way!

Service Cost (per 1 hour): $150

Business Catering

Our restaurant offers a business catering service that will ensure that a business meeting of any level will get both the perfect dishes and service!

Service Cost (per 1 hour): $150

Total: $600

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I've been eating their business lunches for the past 7 years. Not even once have I had any unpleasant experience. And the dishes always taste fresh and good!


posted on TripAdvisor

The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and get a fresh, tasty, homemade dinner!


posted on foursquare